This is the main setting of the Role Play, and includes the weather and the stadiums.


The Weather is for outside stadiums only, and occurs randomly. To check the weather for the current battle go here. For every match the weather changes and is not set for the whole day.

This weather is very cloudy, with a lot of lightning and thunder. There is a 20% chance of the beys in the stadium getting hit by lightning, and cannot be dodged since beys are conductors of electricity. 300px

In this type of weather the sky is cloudy and the rain makes fire types less effective and creates puddles in the stadium. The puddles eventually flood the stadium. The ref chooses and describes how much the rain is, whether it is a sprinkle or raining very hard. 300px

Hail forms in strong thunderstorm clouds and precipitates down onto the stadium and can damage the bey depending on the size. The sizes can range from a dime to a bowling ball depending on the ref's choice and description. 300px

Snow falls from the clouds, and overtime the whole stadium fills with snow causing them to slow down. Beys can be buried by the snow depending on the blader's actions. The bigger the snow, the faster the stadium will fill, and how big the snow is, is based upon the ref. Snow can eventually pile around the sides of the stadium making it hard for a stadium out. 300px

Very windy weather making it hard for a bey to move in the direction it is trying to go. The ref specifies which direction the wind is going and how strong it is. 300px

A tornado forms in the area of the stadium, but does not get to the stadium right away. It causes strong winds which can blow beys around, even getting them a stadium depending on how well they maneuver their bey. Once the tornado reaches the stadium it has the ability to suck in the beys and throw them back on the stadium, which could cause great damage them due to the velocity and power of the tornado. While beys are inside the tornado a mid-air battle can occur. The constant spinning inside the tornado can cause beys' stamina to decrease immensely. While inside the tornado beys can encounter objects and structures. 300px

A Hurricane occurs and creates a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce very strong winds and heavy rain. If there is water nearby the hurricane is also able to produce high waves. 300px

A sandstorm or dust storm happens from a strong gust of wind blowing loose sand and dirt from any dry surface. This causes sand and dirt to repeatedly hit the stadium at wind speeds and can can break off into smaller pieces which get inside the bey and slow it down or make it hard for the bey to move a part. The sand can blow in a blader's eyes and make them blinded for a moment or make it hard for them to see. 300px

A sunny day, where it is a regular battle, and nothing happens. 300px

When the weather is foggy, the air is very moist having small droplets of water suspended in the air. The fog can be thin or thick depending on the ref's choice. If thick it is very hard for the blader to see their bey or their opponent's bey. 300px


There are two ways in which the stadium can be determined, by bladers' choice, or by the evergrowing Stadium Wheel. This is used to determine the stadium when spinning the wheel. The bladers must come to an agreement on which stadium is chosen, if they cannot come to an agreement, the stadium is automatically chosen by the wheel. The wheel will also determine the stadium if the bladers don't choose a stadium at all. All stadiums are in different locations, so bladers are transported to the stadium chosen.

The normal bey stadium, and it is outside. 300px

As the name implies, this is the Great Wall of China. Bladers traverse along the path of the wall. Bladers must stay in motion along with their beys, decreasing their stamina. Although The Great Wall of China is a regular path most of the way, when going uphill or downhill, it has many stairs. The spaces in between the bricks can make the beys slowdown each time they go over one. 300px

This stadium is a floating island 200 miles above the water. The battle arena itself is this old coliseum with five large pillars around it. Above those pillars are special gems.When a Beyblade comes in contact with one one of these gems, they gain +50 stats, depending on the gem they touch. However these gems cancel out, so only one may used during the entire battle. 300px

The physical arena is within the top of the tower. Bladers must race to the top of the 20 floor tower. Bladers may not jump levels. The floors curve upwards and can be destroyed if too much weight is on them. The bey who reaches the top, will have a 10 point increase in all their stats. Bladers may not win a battle here unless it occurs within the top. 300px

The 360 Sphere has two versions of it. The outer and inner version. In the outer version bladers battle on the outside of a metal sphere, while in the inner version they battle on the inside of a glass sphere. More info. 300px

The Magna Stadium is a stadium with a 3 ton magnet under the actual battlefield and a 2 ton magnet above it. The beys are supposed to fly around due to the magnets' power. If the magnets break, they can possibly shock the blader, bey, and ref. This arena has tons of electrons floating around freely. 300px

This arena is in the clouds, 300,000 above sea level. The method of winning in this is to be atop the tower within the kingdom for 15 consecutive seconds. Remember these are clouds, so too much weight or movement will tear the clouds apart. There are booby traps on the tower, so beware. This arena is a best 2 of 3. 300px

This stadium has five floors, with each floor being unique in it's own way. More info. 300px

The Sanctuary of Anubis which is inside an ancient Egyptian Temple. It has stones in the stadium with some being traps that could cause both of the 40 foot Anubis statues to attack the bey that touched the stone. More Info. 300px

Also known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this arena is located inside the tower itself, which could possibly break at any moment. The battle starts on the top, and the bladers change levels to hide from their opponents. if a column is hit, the beys are affected by the lean even more. If many columns are hit, the arena falls down. There are a total of 9 floors, with each floor getting less wide towards the top. The leaning of the tower can cause the bey to easily slide down when just sitting still. 300px

These Air Poles are located in the icy, cold, mountains in the country known as Aero, which was created by the very first air bladers. The climate itself is very cold with the air being very moist causing the wooden poles to be slippery, making it really easy for beys to fall off. The poles itself are two feet in radius and range between 15-25 feet tall, with the space in between the poles being unevenly spaced. To win the battle bladers must traverse their beys across the poles and hit the opposing bey into the opposing blader's goal. The goal is a wooden square with a revolving circular structure inside that is capable of spinning around a vertical axis. They are relatively large, nearing the height of a young blader, with one positioned on each end of the field. If a bey directly makes contact with the opposing blader's goal their stamina will decrease. 300px

Set far underneath the ocean, lies The Underworld, that is an ominous place. More Info. 300px

The fountain stage is a stadium in which your beys are on a fountain that is 10 feet deep. The beys must traverse on the fountain sprayers and when the sprayer goes on, the beys must traverse over water. When the spraying stops, the beys must move quickly into the sprayers again, or else they will sink. If the Bey(s) do sink, the blader loses. 300px

This stadium is located in a coliseum where many fans can watch. The cage is complete steel, and no bey can crash through it. The bladers stand inside the cage as well, commanding their beys. There are 2 rubber ropes on each side to rebound the bey. This arena is extremely flammable. 300px

The Magma Stadium is a stadium in a huge pit of lava with many rocks. Bladers traverse their beys by hopping from rock to rock, being cautious of blazing hot magma. If a bey were to touch the magma, it would instantly burst into flames, sink, then melt 300px

A frozen lake that is slippery and surrounded in 4-meter deep snow. In this stadium there are no stadium outs. More Info. 300px

The Ancient Forest Stadium is a beautiful arena in a forest clearing with a small lake of clear water in the center, with lily pads on. The lily pads can only take a limited amount of weight, so when a lot of weight is put onto it, then the lily pads can sink through the lake. The force of a bey diving down can create enough weight to also do the same thing. Ancient Forest is perfectly calm with no interruptions and the entire forest is at your disposal. Your beys are allowed to climb trees, hide in the lake, hide in tree trunks, and much more. The whole idea is to be creative with your actions and to use the forest to its full potential. 300px

A Giant Earthen Arena that is underground. Bladers start in the square that is inside the circle in the center of the arena and traverse out as the battle progresses. More Info. 300px

The stadium itself is circular and is in front of a large hotel called "Sea Horses Hotel". The stadium has colorful electric beams coming up from the ground repeatedly. If a bey makes contact with any of the beams it will be electrocuted and burned. Constant contact with the beams can cause the bey to start melting. 300px

A huge metal square platform in the middle of a bed of spikes. There are two bridges on the left and right of the pit that shoot arrows. It is always nighttime in this stadium. More Info. 300px